Erasing Party Lines

Why is it that the topic of gun reform is so controversial? You know the arguments and inflammatory statements...

"Only the police and military should have guns."

“This is a mental health issue only.”

“Guns are evil.”

“Everyone has a constitutional right to bear arms.”

It’s the classic example of why you shouldn’t discuss politics at a dinner party.

Now, the contentiousness of this debate is not lost on me. I’ve pulled further and further away from party lines after becoming a mother but at one point in my life, I wholeheartedly supported one of our major parties. Just like the dialogue I paraphrased above, I too was a loyal soldier, often unwilling to hear the other perspective.

After having my first child, I felt overwhelmed with responsibility. Responsibility to teach my child to be a compassionate person - one that works hard and gives back for the betterment of society.  Such a big task! But with this goal I became more disenchanted with parties and more intrigued with dissecting the issues and the representatives who championed them. 

There is no rule that says you must always side with one party! And that’s where I landed - vote for the individuals who are going to make a difference with the issues that matter to you.

Speaking of issues, I hope you’re here because gun reform is one of your top issues. It is certainly my top priority until we’ve closed major gaps and deaths from gun violence are reduced.

If I’ve got your support, I need you to buy into the mindset that we aren’t here to side with a political party. We are here for impactful solutions that the majority of the country can support. If we can finally erase those party lines and concentrate on what we have in common, we can make a difference and prevent more loss of life.

There is so much room for improvement and I look forward to tackling this issue head on with you. The team is working hard on what solutions to champion first and we look forward to sharing more soon!