Interview with Good Morning America

So I am going to be on Good Morning America! Not to talk about how to balance motherhood and a demanding career, cool new recipes to make, or a movie or book review. I am going to be on Good Morning America because I was a victim of a mass shooting, shot 12 times, and survived.

That sounds like good TV, right? We all love an underdog story. Here’s mine in a nutshell….A woman kisses her precious children and husband goodbye on the way to work on a typical Thursday. While walking into work on a conference call, she is shot 12 times by a mentally ill man that took the life of 3 innocent people. Miraculously, she lives. She suffers physical and emotional damage but is grateful for life and lives happily ever after.

Sounds exciting… wouldn’t you want to watch an interview with me? Of course, I will talk about all that on Good Morning America, but the reason I am most excited about this national television opportunity is to share the energy and passion I now have through Whitney/Strong. My story does not end with my miraculous healing. My story is just beginning. I am angry. I am motivated. I feel an insatiable calling to live my life for the victims who died so senselessly. It’s what keeps me moving forward every day. I will not rest until we see action on reducing gun violence.

I hope you will be inspired by my interview. I am just like you – a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a citizen – who just happened to have a thousand things go right to survive this ordeal. And who now just wants to make a difference and do everything to stop this from happening. Please tune in, let me know how you think I did!